Brome-Missisquoi Caregivers' Support Group

This site is designed as a tool
for the self evaluation of
your caregiver status,
the risk of exhaustion and
the means of prevention.

Project leaders: Sonia Lessard
and Claude Chiasson


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The caregiver's curve:

Exhaustion among caregivers is an insidious and devious process. In most cases, the start of the care giving occurs when the caregiver is fairly young and in good health. The weight of the task is small, because the loved one is at the start of his loss of autonomy.

Then, over time, the strength of the caregiver diminishes while the state of health of the loved one worsens and he requires more care. It is therefore essential to be prepared for the role of caregiver from the very beginning so that exhaustion does not become inevitable.

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Caregiver's curve